One of the most important tasks is to get in touch with a trusted manufacturer in business because the products that will carry your label will be produced by the manufacturer only. When you start an online business, this step becomes even more important. A manufacturer is a person to whom you hand over your money in exchange for good quality finished goods. 

When you search manufacturers in China then you will be surprised to see the wide range and huge numbers of manufacturers who are ready to give you the desired services of the desired quality. It is very common for people and entrepreneurs to start their search for manufacturers on the internet because the internet seems to be the answer to everything. 

When you search manufacturers in China this financial investment will be the deciding factor of your business and the direction in which your business goes will be dependent on your decision of yours. The internet is full of manufacturers who produce all kinds of goods and are located all around the world. 

Why choose china as a manufacturer?

It is very common for companies to search manufacturers in China. This is because the country of china is called the “factory of the world”. This is because approx. 30% of the world’s production is done in china alone. This makes the country of China a big and important player when it comes to manufacturing. Here are a few reasons why China is the first choice for businesses:

1- The production cost in china is much lower than the cost in domestic markets. This directly increases the profit of the companies. 

2- The infrastructure and the workforce are well-suited for production. Since the workforce is massive here, they can produce the desired amount of finished goods in the required amount of time. 

3- There is a huge range of suppliers. Each of these suppliers has expertise in different niche areas. You can choose among them based on your priorities and needs. 

4- The government policies in China are very friendly towards manufacturers. When the government makes manufacturing-friendly legislation, then the place becomes a hub of manufacturing. 

5- The raw materials in the Chinese market are very easily accessible.

6- The product lines in china are organized and arranged. 

Types of manufacturers in China

When you search manufacturers in China then you will encounter a lot of manufacturers. If you get to know about them, then you will be able to choose the right type of manufacturer. Here are a few categories of manufacturers that you may encounter:

1- Original equipment manufacturer- this is the term used for the company that produces the components and parts of a larger commodity. This commodity, however, is made by another company. This type of business manufacturer deals in business-to-business transactions as their finished goods form the raw materials for another company. 

2- Original design manufacturers- these businesses can be called private labellers. This is because these types of manufacturers purchase the product of the OEM and then they just make a few changes to the product. These changes can be big or small, depending on the product. Then, they label the finished goods as their own. 

These changes include adding colours, designs and styles of packaging. 

3- Contract manufacturer- in those cases when the OEM lacks the desired knowledge or skills for the production of the goods, then they hire the contract manufacturers. The CM collects all the specifications of the product and then produces it in the best quality possible. It is important to note that the IP rights of the products will remain with the client of CM. 

4- Trading company- the trading company takes the role of a mediator between the manufacturer and the discount providers. The trading companies have better knowledge and understanding of the needs and desires of the customers. They have more presence in the market and hence, they know the market better. 

They also have expertise in imports. The communication channels of a trading company are much better than the ones of manufacturers. However, if you do business with a trading company, you will still be able to reap the benefits of the lower prices. 

Communicating with the Chinese manufacturers

If you are an international client and you are not based in china, then china will seem like an alien land to you. This is because of the different atmosphere and communication channels of the nation. Here are a few tips that you must follow while communicating with Chinese manufacturers:

1- Keep the length of emails short and avoid frivolous details- use one mail to make one point and do not ramble here and there with your emails. Always make use of bullet points and short sentences, which are easy to understand for the manufacturer. Since the manufacturer will not understand English, he will put it thru a translator. 

Thus, make sure that the mail is grammatically correct and that there are no spelling mistakes. 

2- Use pictures when possible – if you want to explain a process, then it is best that you explain it with the help of a video or pictures which will enable the manufacturer to understand the whole process.

3- Get on Wechat- it is possible that your manufacturer does not use email. This is because, in China, not many people use emails. In China, the primary and prominent mode of communication is Wechat. It is like the WhatsApp of iMessage of china. The app has a lot more to offer than just chatting but you will use it for only one purpose. 

One of the benefits of using WeChat is that the app has an inbuilt translator. This allows you and the manufacturer to use native languages for communication. 

4- Consider the time gap- you must be mindful of the time difference between your country and china. Make sure that you figure out the business hours with respect to the time zones of both nations. 


Getting into business with a manufacturer based in china requires streamlined communication. You must always be clear with what you communicate to the manufacturer to meet your priorities. 



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