May 2022


Small business owners are knowledgeable and hard-working people. They have great dreams. They would strive to realize their dreams. The only thing that hampers the zeal of a motivated and driven person would be the inability to carry out operational functions correctly. Due to small business owners looking forward to moving swiftly, you would overlook specific details. It might impede the smooth running of the business. However, sme micro loan Singapore would assist you in the smooth running of the business. 

Application for business loans has become an important operational function. Rest assured that small businesses would not be able to function without business loans. 

The following aspects would affect your SME business loan. You should avoid the following aspects when applying for a business loan. 

  • Understanding the underwriting guidelines of the bank 

Foremost, you should not be intimidated by the bank or the loan officers. After gathering an adequate understanding of the functioning of their processes and guidelines, it would become relatively easy to entertain their processes and guidelines. It would be in your best interest to seek approval for a specific business loan you were looking for. Inquire whether they look for your credit score or a good business credit score. Do they need you to be in business for a significant length of time? How does hire purchase work Singapore? After gathering adequate information about the guidelines, you could work to adhere to those guidelines. It would be imperative to gather an adequate understanding of the underwriting guidelines of the bank before applying for a business loan. 

  • Know your credit score 

It would be worth mentioning here that your credit score would play a significant role in your application for a business loan. Therefore, you should be aware of your personal and business credit score before applying for a business loan. Applying for a business loan would be a great risk. You do not wish to apply for a business loan and face denial for a poor credit score. It would also hamper your chances of future options for seeking a business loan. After you have been denied by three banks, the chances of all banks rejecting your loan application would be relatively higher. 

  • Prepare your loan application prudently 

A small business owner might fail to see two important aspects of the present economy – 

  • Almost all small business owners are desperate for money 
  • Loan officers are paid on commission 

Knowledge of these two vital aspects would prepare you for how to apply for bridge loan in Singapore. You should prepare your business loan application with utmost prudence. It would be imperative for you to understand everything about your business before applying for a business loan. You do not wish to see your loan application thrown in the trash for lack of adequate information about your business. Your loan application should be inclusive of everything a bank wants to see when applying for a business loan. It should be inclusive of a decently written business plan, business and personal credit scores, articles of incorporation, and professional-looking financial documents. These documents should be organized properly and professionally before you walk into the bank applying for a business loan. These documents should provide the bank with a proper perception of your business. 

To sum it up 

Rest assured that the money from the bank should be deemed as your hard-earned money. You would not lend money to a business owner that lacks the requisite requirements to own and operate a positive and low-risk cash-flowing business. Consider putting yourself in the bank’s shoes and consider what you would want to see. When you are adequately prepared before applying for a business loan, your chances of seeking approval would be significantly higher. 


Sometimes the cars that we love are not available in our country. In such cases, people have to import it from another country. Importing a car from another is extremely hard. 

If you are interested in a car that you want to import to Canada, there are some things that you should know beforehand. The following suggestions will make it easier for you to import cars. 

Take Help from Customs Brokerage Services

Most people wouldn’t go for imported cars even if they love them and can afford them simply because of the customs authority. Importing expensive items like cars from abroad is not easy. 

That’s why you have to rely on customs brokerage services. Clearit car importing services are very professional in this regard. Any customs brokerage service that you seek help from for the sake of importing your car must be capable of the following:

  • Help you get your AES/ITN number
  • Submission to automotive export control
  • Must have their agent on-site at the time of crossing 
  • Help you prepare customs release
  • Complete customs accounting documentation 
  • Coordination of border crossing

Do the Math

Make sure that you are aware of all the financial implications of importing a car. You must be mentally ready for some significant extra costs. Also, you need to decide whether you can handle the import on your own, or you need the help of a third party. 

Do take a look at the conversion rate because that also matters. You need to wait for an opportune moment when the conversion rate is the best so that you can save some cash in the long run. 

Look at the Regulations

Make sure that the car you import matches the rules and regulations of your country. The country from which you import your car may not have the same standards as your country. 

For example, you may end up importing a car that doesn’t comply with the emission laws of your country. So take a close look at the regulations, otherwise, you will end up importing a car that you wouldn’t be able to drive!


Cars became a basic necessity a long time ago, but now they have become a luxury that a lot of people can afford. People try to have at least one car, no matter how inexpensive. 

Some of us are absolute car lovers and would do anything to have our dream car, even if it means importing it from another country. Just remember to import cars that follow your country’s standards, and always have a competent customs broker on your side. 

It is almost impossible to import products to the United States without having the right import broker by your side. Engaging with the right import broker is crucial to ensure the efficient and on-time delivery of your goods. There are many services that are highly reliable in this regard. 

You can, for instance, hire a Clearit USA import broker. There are very few other companies like Clearit USA. But if you are doing business, you better be able to sport a good import broker from a distance. How do you do that? Well, this article is all about the factors you should consider while selecting and engaging with a customs broker, so keep reading. 

Here are some of the key factors you should consider:

  • Relationships with Government Authorities

A good import broker has a strong relationship with the government agencies and authorities he or she works with. So, your broker must have strong ties with US authorities, otherwise, he or she may not be able to help you with shipping your products to the US.

Since the US is the center of today’s market, the import broker must additionally also have close and strong relationships with other government authorities, such as the UK, Canada, Australia, China, and all the big names. 

  • Global and Local Presence

When you are hiring an import broker, make sure you go for companies that have both a global governance structure and a local scale presence. 

Preferably you should go for forwarding companies that are spread across many countries. The more countries they are spread across the stronger their relationships are with government authorities. 

  • Training and Education

Always go for import brokers that are highly educated in their respective fields, and that can train you as well about different customs procedures and the latest regulations. The more trained your import brokers are the better will they facilitate the clearance of imports. 

These are some of the important characteristics of good import brokers. You should be very careful about making the right choice in this regard because inexperienced import brokers cannot help you move your products across US borders. 


If you are interested in importing products to the United States, you must be aware of US customs policies, procedures, and everything else. The United States has very strict policies regarding moving products in and out of its borders. 

That’s why moving products to the United States is not going to be easy for you. You must have the right import brokers by your side.