November 2021


The trends in the business industry are continuously evolving as the digital transformation innovates through the years. Along with this, even the strategies used by different enterprises to promote products and services are also changing.

Compared to the conventional television exposure technique and magazine pick-ups, digital marketing, search engine optimization, and digital PR (or ePR) now take center stage in promoting products and services.

Here is how ePR and SEO collaborate to strengthen your brand’s reputation and boost its exposure and visibility.

  • Helping increase your website brand authority with backlinks.

Backlinking occurs when one website cites another, which Google interprets as a signal of trustworthiness and importance. Backlinking is therefore critical for your seeded ePR releases. 

Backlinks must meet the following criteria: 

  1. originate from reputable and high-quality sources 
  2. to be appropriately put in your posts to provide value to your readers (vs. just aimlessly littered around your content multiple times).
  • Boost the value of your content.

Content is critical, and search engines want to see that it adds value to the user’s experience. If you want to rank higher for more keywords (and potentially make more sales), you need to increase your content game. It is best to coordinate your SEO efforts with your digital PR initiatives. By churning out earned media via online sites, digital PR may improve this even further. 

  • Improve your digital footprint.

The footprint of traditional PR can be identified through printed copies that may be lost over time. However, digital versions of ePR articles may leave permanent imprints. Leave positive footprints that many people can follow to ensure that people find you and become devoted to you as a company. These traces might easily take the form of other websites backlinking you, establishing you as an authorized person.

  • Help direct more traffic onsite.

More audiences will look at your website as an easier-to-find source of information if SEO methods are implemented effectively. The increase in your online traffic will more likely increase the possibilityof your online purchases. All of this is part of the domino effect that comes with growing your SEO.

  • Boost engagement on socials through search, social, and digital PR.

A significant portion of your online assets, including your social media platforms, can benefit from combining SEO and social media efforts. This can be amplified much further if you look for the best public relations advertising agency

The collaboration of ePR, for brand perception and reliability, and SEO, for making that dependable brand more visible and ‘linkable,’ grow your brand’s digital footprint, boosts your reputation, and drives you toward being an expert in the field you work in.

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