August 2022



Nowadays, the Internet is more important to the average business than ever before. Whether your business is in retail, accountancy or agriculture, the world wide web remains a vital means of communication. Your presence online is more critical to your company’s ongoing success than ever, as web use has increased over the past couple of decades to the point where it is now the first port of call for just about everyone whenever they are looking for something to wear, the location of their nearest library or even a new home to purchase.

The growth in access to 4 and 5G technology was central to this massive rise in web use, followed closely by another, an equally vital mini-technological revolution still ongoing. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets, as well as the popularity of social media websites which are designed to encourage multiple visits throughout the day, has increased the use of the Internet exponentially, removing it from the confines of the home and making its province the high street, the restaurant and the back of a cab. The Internet as a resource has grown to such an extent that we are all permanently on it, using our smartphones or tablets to learn more about the world around us, interact with our friends and share information about ourselves and our day-to-day lives with the broader world.

Against the context of this electronic revolution, it is easy to understand why websites are crucial to any organisation or business, regardless of their industry sector or purpose and why SEO services are in demand. Online visitors have almost become a commodity in themselves; such is their ability to make or break a website and, by extension, the businesses behind them. In addition, among the sprawling, chaotic vastness of the Internet, there is the group of structuring websites the search engines, making the Internet usable by bringing structure and helping the user to find precisely what they need. Conversely, these sites also mean success or failure to the websites themselves. With the sustained growth in the importance of the Internet over the last decade or so, the power and influence of search engines has grown commensurately. The most important, of course, is Google. By performing well in Google’s organic listings, the owners of any website might hope to attract visitors to their products and grow awareness of their business.

There are many ways in which a business might hope to improve its performance with the search portals and so attract more visitors to its website. Business owners can achieve positive results by using experienced experts in the field, known as SEO experts. By building inbound links to a website and making other changes to the content of a site, an SEO professional can demonstrate to Google’s search bots how relevant a website can be for any given search phrase and thereby move it up the organic listings when people search for that phrase.

Hiring a Professional SEO Company

Whatever you do, don’t contract an SEO company with the fuzzy goal of “growing organic traffic.” There are many kinds of organic traffic, meaning boosting traffic does not automatically mean increased revenue. 

To avoid vagueness, you should outline what you’re hoping to accomplish with SEO. Are you wanting to increase product sales by ranking for specific keywords? Are you working to lower your website’s bounce rate or improve your conversion rate? Do you need help growing a social media following, creating content, or doing other services? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before hiring an SEO firm.